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Chaos Reborn is an update of Julian Gollop's classic 1985 ZX Spectrum game 'Chaos: The Battle of Wizards'. It is a turn-based strategy game with strong RPG elements and extensive multiplayer and single player options. The core of the game is based on arena battles for 2 to 6 players. The single player mode allows you to customise your wizard character and adventure in the Realms of Chaos, levelling up your wizard and collecting treasures and equipment as you go.

Game features[edit | edit source]

  • 64 unique spells, including 24 creatures - from dragons to goblins - fully animated in the 3D Unity Engine.
  • Classic spells from the original Chaos - including the Gooey Blob and Magic Wood.
  • Summon creatures as illusions for 100% success, and use Disbelieve spell on suspected enemy illusions.
  • Manipulate the balance of the universe between Law and Chaos to your advantage.
  • Procedurally generated 3D battle arenas with various types of terrain, and different levels of elevation.
  • Configure your spells and equipment for your wizard character before entering battle.
  • Collect gold on your quests to spend on equipment, rare artefacts and spell books.
  • Hundreds of different types of equipment to collect in your adventures - including staffs, body gear, headgear, magical artefacts and spell books.
  • Procedurally generated Realms of Chaos for your adventures, guaranteeing a unique experience on every quest.
  • Multiplayer online matches - asynchronous or live - with online rankings, tournaments and prizes.
  • Extensive co-op options, for multiplayer matches and also while adventuring in the Realms of Chaos - invite a friend to help you with a difficult battle and share the rewards.
  • Guild system with guild rankings and guild tournaments.
  • Trade items and equipments with your friends or guild members.
  • Level up your wizard and gain status, aiming to ascend the ranks becoming a Wizard Lord, a Wizard King, a Demi-god, and maybe even a God of Chaos, bestowing favours and blessings on your followers.
  • Classic Chaos mode - fully random battle set-up with random selection of spells.

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